Who is Steel City Improv Theater?

Steel City Improv Theater (aka The SCIT) offers the best and most comprehensive long form improvisation training in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Our Improv Level Program is designed to train our students to succeed at comedy and life. Our teaching staff is always improving our own skills in improvisation through workshops and training with instructors from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

We focus on bringing out the fun and positivity in all of our students.  You’ll learn to work as a team while bringing out the best in you. You are enough. In addition to our level class system, you will find special workshops with exciting guest instructors from theaters around the country.

Are there age limits for shows?

Our policy is no one under 16 will be admitted without an adult.  Due to the nature of improvisation, we can not make any guarantees about the content of the show.  However, we teach our students to improvise at the height of their intelligence which usually results in the content being much like that of a PG-13 film. 

IF you do bring someone under 16, please be aware that if they disrupt the performance, you may be asked to leave without a refund.  

Why Should I take an Improv Class?

There are lots of reasons to take improv classes other than just wanting to be a better actor or comedian.  Click Here for just a few of these life changing reasons. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Where do I start?

Never done improv before? No worries! We offer Free Sample Classes every month.  Everyone is welcome! You will learn a lot and you will laugh a lot!

Learn more about our FREE Sample Classes Here

What happens if I miss a Class?

Students may “make up a class” in the level they are taking with approval from the instructor of the makeup class and the Education Director. A make up class doesn’t erase the absence from the class they are registered in. Since improvisation relies heavily on creating ensemble with your classmates, make up classes may not be offered for some upper level classes.

Where can i park?

We recommend parking at the Eastside Bond Parking Garage to avoid any ticketing or towing.

Street Parking in the surrounding residential neighborhood is also free after 7pm.  Neighborhood Map

Is Steel City Improv Theater Accessible?

Steel City Improv Theater is ADA accessible.  We have a ramp at our entrance and an ADA compliant restroom. For other accessibility questions, please contact Justin Zell emailing here or by calling our office at 412-404-2695.