Who We Are

Established in 2010, Steel City Improv Theater is Pittsburgh’s Original Home for long form improvisational comedy.  Along with weekly shows, we offer the best and most professional training in long-form improv comedy in the area.

“Tell them that we succeeded. We created a theater of the heart – a theater where people cherish each other to succeed on stage. Tell the students – theater of the heart.” – Del Close

What We Do

We teach and perform Long Form improv comedy. In Long Form improvisation, a group of improvisers take one suggestion from the audience and perform an entirely made-up show, complete with multiple scenes, characters and ridiculous spectacles, bounded only by its creators imaginations.

Why We Do What We Do

At the Steel City Improv Theater (a.k.a .The SCIT), we believe in Applied Improvisation. We know that improv classes make you more than just funnier.  By applying the principles of improv to your life,  you can become a better parent, mentor, entrepreneur, employee and friend.  It teaches you to deal with the unexpected in this increasing VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world we live in.  You become a better listen, more positive person and improve your ability to truly live in the moment. We have combined the best of the improv training found at New York, Chicago and Los Angeles improv theaters into the SCIT Philosophy:


LISTEN. Often we are so concerned with being heard that we forget to listen. Truly listening is hard, but by staying in the moment, we discover a world of possibilities.

COMMIT. Accepting others’ ideas is difficult, but committing to our own ideas can be an even bigger challenge. With improv training, we learn to break through the inner critic that normally stops us.

PLAY.  With a sense of play, we find an endless sense of possibility and inspiration. When our teammates have that same sense of imagination, it makes the word “failure” seem less scary and more exciting.