Rachel Wonderlin

Performer Bio:

Rachael Wonderlin started out as a film actress at the age of 8. She has been doing improv since 2007, when she joined her college improv team at the University of Mary Washington. Rachael has a Master’s in Gerontology and hosts a dementia/improv workshop at SCIT with her friend and fellow improviser, Chris Wright. She moved to Pittsburgh in 2015 and performed with house team Vintage Quaid for two seasons. Eventually, Rachael landed with Classy & Relevant in December 2015 and has been performing with them ever since. She also joined award-winning sketch team, Secondhand Sketch, and has been performing with them since 2015. Rachael is a published author and lives with her boyfriend and fellow improviser, Dave Kwiatkowski. 

Performer Shows:

8pm Classy & Relevant

Hilarious long form improv comedy at its classiest! Nominated as one of best improv troupes in Pittsburgh for 2018. CLASSY AND RELEVANT features Rachael Wonderlin,

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Classes, Workshops, and Electives:

Agreeing to Remember

Agreeing to Remember is a unique workshop for caregivers and loved ones of those affected by dementia which uses principles of improvisation as its base.

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