Lori McLaughlin

Performer Bio:

Lori McLaughlin (soon to be Lori Crawford) writes grants for a paycheck, makes random crafts for fun, and performs improv for even more fun! After finishing grad school in DC, Lori returned to Pittsburgh looking for a way to cheer up her time, stumbling upon the joy that is SCIT in September 2017. She can be seen and heard doing and saying ridiculous things as part of SCIT’s House Team Night, during SCIT’s Mixer/Jam sesh’s, or as part of The Assorted Magnets. She also urges you to be kind to critters and spay or neuter your pets- but don’t do both… that could get weird. 

Performer Shows:


3 TEAMS. ONE SHOW. Everybody, it’s the 3FER! Three teams come together for one night to create a one time only show that will never

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