Ben Bratman

Performer Bio:

Hailing originally from northern California, Ben has been a fan of watching improv comedy for decades but finally got up the nerve to study and perform it himself in April 2018 when he attended a sample class at SCIT and got hooked. In addition to acting on the stage at SCIT, Ben acts like a professional (sort of) in his job teaching at Pitt Law School. Ben is a bit of an old soul who just might impress you with his useless knowledge of Allan Sherman songs or the 1960s Batman television series. At SCIT Ben can be seen performing on the house team Emotional Outlet or on his independent team Here on Purpose.

Performer Shows:

930PM Here on Purpose

Here On Purpose is an independent long-form improv team based at Pittsburgh PA’s Steel City Improv Theater, where they have performed since their creation in

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Classes, Workshops, and Electives: