Jon David

Performer Bio:

James Jonathan “Jon” David has been performing improv since early 2016. Jon’s history of theatre includes performing in and writing stage productions with Slippery Rock University in the past. His improv career began with lessons at Steel City Improv Theater (SCIT), initially jumping in with no true history of improv, and he continued to take any available lessons as he grew to love it. After taking all the SCIT courses, he worked to continue performing with the people he had met while there. Jon previously worked with the independent group, Modern Acquaintances, and performed with former SCIT house team Street Roses. Currently, he is performing with the current house teams, as well as performing in a duo with fellow improviser Jordan Moore, a team they’ve deemed The Syndicate; he also is working with a trio group named Sassy Giraffe, with plans to continue performing in various groups and productions. Jon has a cat named Cheshire.

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