Ciarán O’Conaire

Performer Bio:

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Ciarán discovered his passion for the art of improv at SCIT back in 2013. Since then he has been performing regularly on various teams: From house teams (Smack & Cheese, Thunderpants, Fervor, One Hand Luke), to independent teams (Yeah Those Guys, USS Improvise). You may also find him dressed in black, wearing a beret as he performs with Remy Porter in the bombastic faux-art duo, Gestalt. Outside Pittsburgh, his teams have performed at improv festivals in New York (DCM) and Chicago (CIF). Ciarán has coached house teams at SCIT (I Dream of Feeny, Vintage Quaid) as well as independent teams (The Deep End, Classy & Relevant) and several duos. His improv philosophy is the same as the sign that greets you in the SCIT lobby: “You are enough!”

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