Top 3 Reasons to take an Improv Class

Below are the top 3 reasons to take improv classes at the Steel City Improv Theater.   These also the reasons we teach improv.   YES.  Improv makes you a better actor, comedian, and performer.  AND it also makes you a better parent, teacher, boss, employee and person.  Improv helps all aspects of your life.  And it’s a great way to make new friends.

#3.  LEARN TO SAY, “YES.”  The most important principle of improv is the idea of  “Yes. And …”  So often in our lives (work, home, and even recreation), our instinct is to say, “NO,” or look for the negative aspects of things.  This is learn as we grow up.  Improv works to reverse this process and teaches us to accept our partners ideas and add to them.

#2.  PRACTICE BEING PRESENT.  Being truly present has become more and more difficult with so many distractions we encounter every day. Whether we’re distracted by technology, something that happened in the past or something that may happen in the future, improv makes you focus your attention on the present moment. You have to listen (with a Capital L) to each word that’s spoken and watch every movement in order to effectively participate.

#1. LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.  You’ll be laughing about every 5 minutes for two hours a week.  That’s about 200 CCs of pure joy.   Rough days melt away the minute we start to warm up.  And you can up your dosage by seeing great comedy for free.  Students get a SCIT ID card that allows them to get a stand-by ticket to all shows at the Steel City Improv Theater subject to availability.

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