The most pretentious improv show in Pittsburgh… Lars and Sven create improvised theater beyond the mortal mind.

Critical Acclaim for Gestalt:
“After someone explained it to me, I was totally into it!” – a theater critic
“A cathartic experience. I cried a little. What just happened?” – improv audience member

Shifty Figures

SHIFTY FIGURES is an improv team from Pittsburgh PA featuring Al Toohey, Andrew Yankes, Kyle Frybarger, Mark Berry, Mike Kennelly, Ray Giorgi and Sam Agosto.


SketchProv is an improv and sketch competition show. Two teams will perform 15 minutes of improv, then have 20 minutes to write a sketch inspired by their sets. While their writing, you enjoy a standup set! It’s a win – win, guys.
Both teams will then perform their sketches and the audience will vote on their favorite!

Fast & Slow prov

We take our best improvisers and give them the time to create rich, full and funny theatrical scenes. Then we pull the rug from underneath them and give them less and less time to do the same show. Each show is different as well as each version. It’s like NO OTHER SHOW YOU WILL SEE IN PITTSBURGH!


It’s FAST AND SLOW PROV! An incredibly fun show that will leave you laughing and perhaps out of breath.

Check out one of our favorite shows:


The Draft is a premier monthly show at the Steel City Improv Theater. We take select SCIT students and SCIT veterans mix them together to make two awesome, one time only teams. The Draft is the only show that combines the wisdom of improv vets and the excitement of new fresh student faces. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to watch these one-time-only improv teams.

The Deep End

THE DEEP END is Andrew Yankes, Deepu Murty, Gabe DeMaio, Jeremy Bremer, and Michelle Lesifko.








Steel City Improv Presents a new monthly series – 3FER – Showcasing the best & the brightest improv teams in the ‘burgh!


Just a bunch of bosses doing some boss improv with a rotating cast.

The Union

The Union is Steel City Improv’s Teacher team. We perform every thursday night as part of the SCIT’s house team roster.

Classy & Relevant

Scott Sherbine, Rachael Wonderlin, Dave Kwiatkowski, Anna Kearny, Sarah Harrisis, Molly Arthur, Jesse Nebella, Zane Cook, and Jon Baldwin are definitely: CLASSY and RELEVANT.


Every month, three groups of three improvisers create never before long form improv shows based off of your suggestion.


The Duo Show is a monthly series that pairs two improvisers together for one night only shows.