Kind Improvisers with Shawn Wickens (2017-08-12) 10am-1pm


Kind Improvisers: The art of being funny without trying.

This workshop is evolved from a conversation Shawn had with a stand-up friend whom imparted the wisdom, “Success comes from kindness instead of being cool.” It comes from the discovery that funny performers often don’t know why they are funny. And it is inspired by a lifelong respect for Bruce Lee. With over a decade of improv experience (7 years with the same ensemble) Shawn Wickens shares knowledge acquired from both stage failures and stage successes. Practice being yourself, be OK with feeling lost, learn to accept your scene partner – BE funny through BEING.


Date and Time: SATURDAY, August 12th 2016 from 10am-1pm

Location: Steel City Improv Theater at 5950 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Tuition:   $40.00 

Prerequisite:  Recommended for SCIT Level One and up (or similar experience)

Instructor: Shawn Wickens


Shawn Wickens

Shawn Wickens is co-founder of the Bad Theater Fest and the Bad Film Fest. Both highlight projects that fall on the more daring and unusual end of the spectrum. His improv ensemble Junior Varsity have been together for almost 10 years. Prior to performing he published several books, available on Amazon. He lives in New York. …