Sample Improv Class (2017-03-25-SAT)


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Start the next phase of your life (entitled “When I Discovered Improv”) off right with an IMPROV CLASS.  We pride ourselves on having the best comedy improv classes in the Burgh. 

We are committed to having these classes and we ask that you commit to the class by paying a $5 deposit.  If you attend, we refund the $5.  If not, we keep it to help pay our instructors.  

InstructorsOne or more of our awesome instructors.

Date and Time: Saturday, March 25th from 530pm to 7pm

Location: 5950 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Prerequisite:  None.  THIS IS FOR ANYONE AGE 18 & OLDER.

Tuition:   $5.00  (When you attend, you will be refunded.  Free for those who show up!)

REMEMBER: Everyone is welcome. This is designed for the ab-so-lute beginner. Yep. You! You will learn a lot and you will laugh a lot. To register, simply click “Add to Cart” and follow the instructions.