Free Sample Improv Class (2015-1-31-SAT)


Sold Out!

Start the next phase of your life (entitled “The Year I Discovered Improv”) off right with a FREE IMPROV CLASS.  We pride ourselves on having the best comedy improv classes in the Burgh.  So it only makes sense for us to offer a free sample.  It’s like CostCo only much, much funnier!

Instructors:  Two Awesome SCIT instructors

Date and Time: SATURDAY, January 31, 2015 at 1pm-3pm

Location: The Maker Theater at 5950 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Prerequisite:  None.  THIS IS FOR ANYONE AGE 18 & OLDER.

Tuition:   $0.00.  Yep.  Free.  Some great things in life ARE free!

Remember, everyone is welcome regardless of experience or skill level. You will learn a lot and you will laugh a lot. To register, simply click “Add to Cart” above and follow the instructions.