The Absurdity of Improv (2017-05-31-WED)


Sold Out!

James Quesada

Improv is absurd. The challenge is to correctly pretend to be someone else while accurately engaging with the environment that isn’t there. It can become a very serious business. Don’t let it! In this workshop we’ll charge ourselves with impossible tasks and play in scenes full of booby traps. Together we’ll destroy our expectations of ‘getting it right’ and rediscover the fun in The Absurdity of Improv.

Date and Time: WEDNESDAY, MAY 31st from 7pm-10pm

Location: Steel City Improv Theater, 5950 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Tuition: $35.00

Prerequisite: SCIT Level One or similar experience.

Instructor: James Quesada