SCIT Accompanist Lands East African Tour

James Rushin, keyboard accompanist extraordinaire for The Lupones and member of Oxford Coma at Steel City Improv Theater, is on tour this week with musical improv group Baby Wants Candy. During their weeklong tour, the group is visiting the Seychelles Islands off the east coast of Africa. This is Rushin’s first tour outside of the U.S., and he’s pretty excited about it. He met the members of Baby Wants Candy after they shared time slots with The Lupones at various improv festivals over the last three years, and through that connection, he landed his first international gig:

“These are the kind of gigs you just can’t turn down. I have three years of training at SCIT to thank for that.  [Baby Wants Candy] hired me on the basis that I’m not just a Musical Director but also understand the workings of improv acting and have a good deal of experience with musicals in their scripted form.”

Tell James congratulations when you see him perform this Saturday with The Lupones, assuming he’s willing to return to Pittsburgh’s chilly temperatures after a week in the sun. “I’m very excited to see Dubai and step into NYC again along the way, but I’m also packing my swim trunks for the trip!”

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