August 8th: Kick-Ass Commitment Improv Worskshop

The SCIT is proud and super excited to welcome Philip Markle, the Executive Director of Annoyance Theater NY, to The Maker Theater on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 from 1pm-4pm.  Philip is bringing the unique style of improvisation he teaches at the Annoyance Theater in New York.

Founded 25 years ago, the Annoyance Theater is a home to Chicago’s longest running musical. It also has a reputation for providing excellent quality training in improvisation. Based on Mick Napier’s book Improvise. Scene From the Inside Out, the Annoyance philosophy focuses on the individual, giving students feedback and support to allow them to find and enhance their personal point of view and creative voice.

This Annoyance Theatre improv workshop will give improvisers a foundation in the Annoyance philosophy of what it means to play with abandonment, withhold judgement, and commit to your characters and choices. Let’s agree that there is no right or wrong choice – just a weak or strong one – and see what happens when we give ourselves a powerful choice right off the top. This workshop will move quickly and challenge you with personal and specific feedback to help you think on your feet and find your own voice. And have a kick-ass time doing so.

Click here to sign up for this workshop!  Spots are limited.


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