“Don’t Take Our Word For It!”

As Levar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow, “Don’t Take My Word For It!”  So goes with choosing an improv or any other acting class.

Recently we asked our students on Twitter: “SCITizens! Tell us your favorite thing about taking improv classes @steelcityimprov theater.”

Below are a few of their responses:

Karen Forney (@kayforn)
My confidence has absolutely soared and I’ve found my own voice. It’s a place where I feel pure joy.” 7/25/13, 10:56 AM

Jordan Zankey (@jzankey)
“It’s the most positive and encouraging environment I’ve ever been in. It changed my life.” 7/24/13, 11:17 PM

Lorin Kozlowski (@Cassidy2099)
“Taking classes at the SCIT led to me discovering a whole new aspect and passion in my life that I never knew was there.” 7/25/13, 5:01 PM

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