Take a Sample Improv Class

The best things in life are free. We pride ourselves on having the best comedy improv classes in the Burgh.  So it only makes sense for us to offer a “free” sample.  

But why the quotes around the word free?  One of the biggest tenants of improvisation is commitment both on and off stage.  One way to show your commitment is to have a “stake in the game.”  So we charge $5 for you to show your commitment.  When you show up to the class, you get your money back.  If you don’t show up, we keep the $5 and use the money to pay our amazing teachers.    

Everyone is welcome.  This is designed for the ab-so-lute beginner.  Yep.  You!   You will learn a lot and you will laugh a lot as well. Each class is taught by our awesome SCIT instructors. To register, click on the date below that works best for you, then click “Add to Cart” and follow the instructions.

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